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Investment and Debt Financing

Feoni, over the years had engaged in direct finance and investment for sovereign states, government institutions. The success of our financing model have been due to funds are raise in-house under strict-private syndicated structures. we provide facilities such as debts and credit finance for development and construction to private and public institutions.

The group subsidiaries focus on major sectors of the economy. The group currently operates in twelve (12) countries and in four (4) continents across the globe and worldwide. The management leadership is currently overseen by the Group CEO; Prince Adebayo Bamidele Oni, who currently oversees management operations from the annex Headquarters (HQ) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Project and Import-Export Support

Over the four (4) decades of Feoni existance, we provide enhance financial support for development in emerging markets, we provide flexible and suitable financing for infrastructures. We internally and privately syndicate funds for large capital projects and procurements import-export credit facilities.

Our procurement finance and import-export supply credit model has worked, grown and expanded sponteneous across soverign states in African, Eurasia and Far East Asia due to our financial insight knoweledge and funding strength empowered by the royal dynasty investment trust continuous funding support over this four (4) decades. As a group we are always ready and open to assisting our clientele on various fronts.

Foundation and Wealth

The investment trust was incorporated in 1946, just over seven (7) decades plus ago; the Ekiti royal family visionary decision to setup an investment trust was HRM vision to provide a fair and balance financial support lacking majorly in the emerging markets.

Source of Wealth: Our wealth growth spans over 500-years (five-century) period, the royal family-dynasty had collectively over 11,800 hectars viable Cocoa Farm-Plantation, that produced over 18,000 tons of Cocoa beans annually for export, alongside other exported cash crops; coffee, Kolanuts and others, we also purchased, traded and exported Cotton, Maize and Peanut from farmers of the northern and Republic of Upper Volta, Our major exports destinations; Germany, United Kingdom, USSR, France & Holland.

Ownership Structure

Since Feoni Consortium incorporated in 1985 based on the royal decision-decree by Kabiyesi (Oba) - His Royal Majesty (HRM), this gave birth to Feoni- Feonirich Investment and subsidiaries.

The group has been 100% percent own and financially suported by Investment Trust and private partners. The ownership structure of the Investment Trust and Feoni have remain the same since establishment in 1946 and 1985 respectively. The ownership had remain private-confidential and the successors have been same family bloodline of direct-lineage descent of the same royal Ekiti lineage traced back to first ownership bloodline. The Group funding structure has been exclusively priavte-confidential partners.

Business Plugins

The incorporation of Feoni was a royal decision-decree of 1984 to restructure the conglomerate established in 1946, the royal decision-decree was implemented in 1985, that metamorphosis into the incorporation of Feoni in 1985 and business commencement in 1986.

Since incorporation, Our interest includes Finance & Investment, Agro-farming, Procurement and Supply, Project Development & Construction, Mining & Exploration, Agricultural Fertiliser & Chemicals trade, Energy-power generaton & distribution, Equipment Import-export, Petroleum & Gas products Mining and Trade, Tourism, Hotels, & Hospitality, and Security-surveillance & Defense accruement procurement financing.

Financial Autonomy

Since the incorporation Feoni-Feonirich and subsidiaries, We have being fully funded by the investment trust for the past four (4) decades by the 1946 established Royal Dynasty Investmment Trust.

We enjoy a complete financial autonomy and independence, inconjuction with our direct in-house privately syndicated funds. We have over the years privately in-house syndicated capital for all business aspect and investment. The in-house capitals syndication had enabled us to execute most of the financing, ranging from short-term, medium-term, and long-term to large-scale capital-intensive projects, several debt financing that we have undergone and provided over the years and in the recent past to clientele.

Our Subsidiaries Home Pages

Feoni-Feonirich and subsidiaries operational knowledge in credit insight have been beneficial to debt finance, development and construction finance, Import-export procurement & supply credit granted to Sovereign states, government institutions, and private and public institutions, and in addition securrity-survillance and defense accruement procurement finance.

For further insight of the subsidiaries, do kindly click on subsidiary name-slid photo box and link below.

Fields of Endeavour

Today, we are involved in couple of business endeavour such as; Energy-power generation, mining & exploration, construction, petroleum exploration and trading, commodity supply & trading, marine and haulage, aviation, port & sea dredging, telecom, media, banking and finance,raising capital, etc.


Our vast clientele base consists of government of sovereign states, banks, MNC, corporates, global commodities traders, transport & aviation, security, military and para-military,equipment financing, telecom and media.

Other Derivates sectors

Power Generation and Green energy, Health & Medical sectors, Hospitality & tourism, Edible and non-edible, Seafoods, Pulse and Grains, Edible oils, Sugar and other food consumable.

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